The NDA, or National Defence Academy, is an Indian Armed Forces training institute where cadets from the Army, Navy and Air Force trained together.


Salary for Lieutanant Level is INR 56,100 to 1,79,500), Captain Level is (61,500-1,98,900), Major Level is (67,400-2,09,200) and Lieutenant Colonel: INR 1,21,200-2,12,400

NDA Officer salary in the initial stages is Rs 58,300 per month and can earn up to Rs 2,80,000 depending on their rank and years of service


Uniform Allowance and Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance and Transport Allowance is as Per Post

NDA Officer salaries, which are determined by various factors including rank, allowances, years of service, and promotions.

As we know the NDA exam comes under the big competitive examination that requires a lot of hard work to crack these exams. The students need proper guidance to prepare for the NDA after the 10th exam.

NDA Exam is conducted through UPSC twice in a year.

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