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Welcome to GS India Defence Academy- Dehradun

In recent years GS India Defence Academy has surfaced as one of the Best Defence Coaching Centers In Dehradun . This Academy is well capable to produce results by providing a quality education through its best courses like – NDA Foundation after 10th class, CDSE Foundation after 12th class and other foundation courses like CAPF, IAF, NAVY ETC. Today, more than 600 students from GSIDA Classes are serving as officers in the INDIAN DEFENCE FORCES . The GSINDA’s incisive training prepares individuals to crack the coveted Defence exams and interviews. This Defence Academy center in Dehradun believes in turning the education into a reputed Services. As the institute has already crossed the markup of 200 selections into upright designations as pilot officer, acting sub-lieutenant, second Lieutenant, Air Craftsmen etc. it has set milestones for coaching institutes.

Dehradun is one of the best beautiful cities in India which is known for its quality education. GS India Defence Academy is the only institute in Dehradun which is having its integrated campus. We have a boarding capacity of 500 students in our campus.

The best part of our NDA Foundation Course is to provide regular schooling and NDA Coaching in the same campus.

Director’s Messsage 

Dear Students,

There is no substitute to hard work, you must have heard but hard work accompanied by smart work is the key to excellence

Formal education of a person begins in the school, and it is very truly said that school is a building that has four walls with the tomorrow inside. Let us not teach our children what to learn, but teach them how to learn what they wish to learn. It has been a constant endeavour at GS India Defence Academy, Dehradun to provide its students a wide variety of exposure outside the four walls of classroom.

Our students are provided with special opportunities that they need to hone their skills and abilities. it my responsibility to continue with the excellent culture of this Academy. Students are today enlightened and focused. They know what they are up to. They need just a ray of guidance. I feel I have accomplished the reason of my existence on this earth. Proud to be that faint ray of guidance, proud to be a reason of smile on certain lips, proud to be your teacher, friend and guide. In the times that we live in, where morals and values are fast degenerating, schools have an important role as beacons of society where the young minds are groomed with love and care so that they contribute in the progress of our country in the times to come. Apart from striving for advancement in academic achievements, GS INDIA DEFENCE ACADEMY also nurtures its students with good and proper attitudes and values. There can be nothing nobler and more sublime to nurture these saplings. So, let’s join hands to shape the aspirations and visions of our students for their better tomorrow.

Thank you
Col. Rajeev Rawat

Col. Rajeev Rawat